YouTuber Kristen Hancher, who recently recreated Kylie Jenner pics, is in damage control mode after she was accused of animal endangerment over a photo she posted on Instagram of herself on a horse with half of its body submerged in water.

"Kristen is an animal lover," a rep for Hancher, who asked to remain anonymous, told Buzzfeed News. "The horse was safe at all times. There were no waves and nothing that could have endangered the horse." Buzzfeed News points out that horses "can and are able to swim in deep waters."

The rep added that a guide was present throughout the photo shoot in Anguilla to assist them. The shoot was part of an "influencer trip," which included other high-profile social media celebrities. "Kristen ... has two dogs herself and would never do anything to endanger an animal of any type," the rep continued. 

Aside from endangerment accusations, Kristen has also been criticized for "using" the recent rise of horse-riding culture solely for the purposes of this particular photo, and allowing the saddle and stirrups to be "ruin[ed]" since the equipment is getting enveloped in the water. 

Hancher has yet to personally respond to the accusations.