Najee Goley, 26, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly stabbing a duck to death, The Times-Picayune reports. An unidentified witness finally contacted authorities when Goley, who was initially seen chasing the duck with a knife in his possession, caught up with the bird and started stabbing the animal.  

After finding Goley at a gas station near the scene of the crime, officer Eliot Somen asked if he’d seen any ducks in the area. "(Goley) responded by asking if hunting was illegal because he had to eat," Lt. Michael Cunningham, spokesman for the Kenner Police Department, said.

Somen conducted a search where he reportedly found a folding knife on Goley, who admitted to using that exact weapon in his poorly thought out hunting excursion. The duck's body was eventually found. 

Goley was charged with cruelty to animals and illegally carrying a weapon. He is being held on $500 bond for the weapons charge, however, the cruelty charge is keeping him behind bars without bond.