A woman and man were hit with charges by police after they yelled racial slurs at a black family that was attempting to enjoy their Easter Sunday, KEZI, reports. 

The Matthews family, who lives in Springfield, Oregon, were enjoying a meal at home when someone started to yell racial slurs out on the street. They family stepped out to see what was going on and were approached by Kevin and Jessica Hollinger. 

"She approached me in my face and started saying it multiple times," Rashona Matthews said, per KEZI

Police say that Kevin Hollinger had a concealed knife on him during the incident. Video footage shows Jessica Hollinger pulling her pants down. "I said, 'There's kids around. This is totally inappropriate,'" Rashonda explained. 

Jessica Hollinger from Springfield, Oregon approached a black family on Easter & repeatedly called them the “N” word. Jessica harassed 3 small children who were playing outside. She called the police on the family, who then arrested both her & her husband.pic.twitter.com/JrzjA32ttn

— Simar (@sahluwal) April 24, 2019

"We were kinda like what the heck," Rahtavian Matthews said of the ordeal. "Like trying to tell them to stop and as soon as I pulled out my phone cause it was pretty funny and kinda crazy, she said she was going to call the cops on me." 

The Hollingers were later arrested. 

Jessica was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct, and trespassing while Kevin was charged with disorderly conduct and felon possession of a restricted weapon for having a concealed knife.

The Matthews told the news outlet that this isn't the first time they've experienced racism in the area. "Unfortunately it exists here," Rashonda said. "You know, we bleed the same color. We are no different. I work every day, put in a good 9 to 5, take care of my kids. I don't feel like I should be treated different because of my skin color," she continued