NBC News reports that a man set himself on fire outside of the White House on Friday afternoon. The U.S. Secret Service confirmed the news, arriving at the scene just after 2:45 p.m. local time. The unidentified man was in Lafayette Park across from the White House, lighting his jacket on fire while he was still wearing it.

Secret Service responded instantly, extinguishing the fire and providing the individual with first-aid. He has since been transported to a local hospital after they evaluated him on the scene. The man was in an electronic wheelchair of some kind, but the motive behind the fire remains unclear. Trump was also in the White House at the time.

Secret Service confirmed on Twitter that Pennyslvania Avenue was closed to pedestrians while 17th Street has been closed to vehicular traffic. 

Early reports indicated that there was also a suspicious package found, but these reports have not been confirmed. New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof stated that the White House was briefly locked down.

The man is respected to make a full recovery.