As the death tolls from the Sri Lanka Easter Day bombings rise, it was reported that three of Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen's children were among those killed as a result of the attacks.

On Monday, Bestseller clothing chain issued a statement to Denmark's TV2 revealing that the company's sole owner lost three of his four children during the string of bombings. Although the company elected not to go into further detail "out of respect to the family," Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet explained that Povlsen and his family were vacationing in Sri Lanka when the attacks took place. The Danish foreign ministry then confirmed these reports by stating that three of the Danish citizens killed by the blast were indeed Povlsen's children. 

Povlsen inherited full ownership of his family's Bestseller clothing company at 28-years-old. Since then he has gone to expand the retail store into a global chain with interests throughout Europe as well as China. Povlsen is also the largest shareholder of the British fashion and cosmetic retailer ASOS. According to Forbes, Povlsen's business ventures combined with his multitude of private properties in Britain have amassed him a net worth of $7.9 billion USD.

Since the bombings were first reported, it is now said that a total of nine explosions went off around Sri Lanka. These blasts claimed the lives of at least 290 people while wounding 500. Despite investigations still pending, Sri Lankan government officials believe local militant group National Thowfeek Jamaath was behind the attacks. They now claim to have 24 suspects in custody whom they are questioning for more information.