If it feels like we get a new version of the Feds Seize Record Amount of Cocaine story every few weeks, you're not exactly wrong. But if you feel like the frequency with which downright godly amounts of cocaine are sucked up by said feds is going to cause a slowdown in those stories, you're quite wrong indeed.

"At least" 450 kilograms of cocaine were seized at the Port of Philadelphia Tuesday morning, according to ABC News sources. The bricks were discovered inside duffel bags, which were themselves inside a shipping container on the MSC Desiree. The ship was en route from Colombia to Europe at the time.

As for what prompted both federal and local officials to initiate an inspection of the offending container, bolts on the structure's door allegedly had the appearance of having been "tampered with" in some way.

Based on information about the bust that's currently available, it’s estimated that federal and local authorities ultimately intercepted 992 pounds of cocaine, with some estimates placing that haul at around $18 million in would-be value. The sources in Tuesday's report referred to the port bust as the largest amount of cocaine ever seized in Philadelphia history.

As pointed out by local outlet Philly Voice, authorities in Philadelphia seized 864 pounds of cocaine from the Dominican Republic back in 2007.

The last time we typed cocaine that many times in one article, we were either discussing the incredible trailer for Netflix's Legend of Cocaine Island documentary or the recent seizing of $77 million of cocaine by authorities at a Port of New York/Newark.