The woman who booked multiple hotel rooms for people without shelter in Chicago during the polar vortex has inspired others to help, CBS Chicago reports. 

Candice Payne decided to book 20 hotel rooms on her American Express card when she heard a group of 70 people were suffering through the dangerously freezing cold after the fire department confiscated around 100 propane tanks. The fire department deemed the tanks, which were donated, as a safety hazard after one exploded at the encampment.

Payne's act of kindness, which went viral on social media, inspired others to also chip in. Donations for more rooms came after Payne took to social media to crowdfund. The funds helped to pay for 60 rooms through the week. 

"All of us don't know each other," Payne said about the donors, per CBS Chicago. "Maybe they didn't know how to or where to start to help, so I'm glad that I was able to be that vehicle."