Officials and administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary School evacuated its students and staff on Friday, following a phoned-in bomb threat. CNN reports the threat came on the sixth anniversary of the nightmarish 2012 shooting that left 26 children and staff dead.  

Newtown, Connecticut Police Lt. Aaron Bahamonde told reporters the threat didn’t seem to be credible, but decided to evacuate the school as a precaution. Authorities did a sweep of the empty elementary school with with bomb-sniffing dogs and concluded there was no immediate threat.

Administrators decided to go ahead and let students go home for the day, especially due to the tension caused by the anniversary of the mass shooting. The school where the shooting happened on Dec. 14, 2012 was knocked down, and a new building opened on the same site in 2016.  

The call doesn’t appear to be connected to a slew of bomb threats made across the country to dozens of establishments on Thursday, Dec. 13.

Earlier this month, thousands of documents about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza were released to the public, shedding light on the gunman's hatred of other people and social isolation in the years leading up to the shooting.