If you pulled up to this year’s ComplexCon, there's no way you missed Cadillac’s insane exhibit. As the official music sponsor of the weekend, the premium car manufacturer came through with a legendary installation to promote the 2019 XT4 Crossover, with the help of design agency HFour.

Ben and Stuart at HFour had one task: reimagine reality. And what did that look like to them? A mind-bending blend of vaporwave, metallic bubbles, old school retro landscapes, and a dash of airbrushed magic.

In the video above, watch as the duo transforms Cadillac’s new XT4 into the ride of the future. From navigating the chaos of shipping materials, to the stress of meeting looming deadlines, here’s a glimpse into how the HFour team powered through it all to bring the project to life.