There have been plenty of security leaks found during the Trump Administration including an anonymous official who wrote a scathing Op-Ed about Donald Trump, Omarosa reportedly recording just about every conversation she had in The White House, and nearly everything related to Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen. So it's not much of a surprise that our Instagram accounts are reportedly more secure than the State Department's e-mails. (Although, it is a scary thought.)

Instagram users can option to have a two-factor authentication, which texts a unique code every time you log into a new device. Well, according to the General Service Administration's assessment of the federal government's cybersecurity, they don't even have that.

"We are sure you will agree on the need to protect American diplomacy from cyber attacks, which is why we have such a hard time understanding why the Department of State has not followed the lead of many other agencies and complied with federal law requiring agency use of multifactor authentication," read the letter, according to MarketWatch. The findings also said that only 11% of the State Department's accounts had "enhanced access controls" multi-factor authentication.

The State Department has yet to make a public statement about the findings but they'll have to explain the lack of security by Oct. 12 and provide the next steps they'll take to ensure the security of the Department. They'll also have to disclose how many cyber attacks happened against the Department in the past three years.