Page Six is reporting that Vanessa Trump, the estranged wife of Donald Jr., penned letters during her teenage years to her boyfriend Valentin Rivera, who was in jail serving a 16-month sentence for assault. The report alleges that Rivera was not only the first love of her life, but he was a member of a gang known as the Latin Kings.

The two allegedly started dating when they were both 15 years old, and met at P.S. 158 in New York City. Page Six obtained letters sent to Rivera while he was behind bars where she writes about yearning for his return, and expresses a desire to start a family with him once he was released. “I can’t wait till that year because a lot’s going to happen,” she wrote. “My 18th birthday, you’ll be back in my arms, my prom, and I want to get pregnant and have a baby with you after January. I want to get pregnant so the baby is born after I graduate since it takes 9 months.”

In addition to updating Rivera on her personal life, her letters occasionally referenced his ties to the Latin Kings. One note urges him to “stay out of trouble,” given his affiliation with the gang. “So if you are ‘L.K.’ [Latin King] just remember please stay out of trouble and just chill and be good because no one loves you as much as I do,” she wrote. Another note appears to show Vanessa being jealous of his close relationship with the gang that he joined while behind bars. “When we get in conversations about the ‘Latin Kings’ I just want you to act the same for me,” she writes, “and always be there for me because I obviously don’t want to lose you, I just want you to do the best you can and stay out of trouble because I can’t go through you getting locked up [again].”

Rivera apparently ended the relationship when she was “around 20” after discovering that she cheated on him with Leonardo DiCaprio. And this feels like a good place to end this incredibly bizarre story.