Everyone's idea of what makes for the perfect life is different, but none of them are off-limits when it comes to becoming a meme on Twitter, as Daily Dot pointed out.

One user, Mallori Taylor, sent out her tweet detailing her idyllic future life. "Ladies, imagine this," it starts off. "It’s 15 years from now. Your son is up to bat, your husband is the hot third base coach, your little girl is cheering on her big brother at the fence, and you are team mom—taking pictures with a fancy camera, and keeping the scorebook."

The tweet is simple and innocent enough, but it quickly went viral and eventually prompted some hilarious jabs, rehashed movie plots, and even some backward time travel. Some of the responses did a good job of pointing out that such a life would be very, and even painfully, ordinary. "I would actually die if my life came down to this," said one response. While the tweet was making the rounds on its own, it really blew up when another user, @kbnoswag, summed up the entire tweet pretty succinctly, noting tweets like this are far from new. "College girls on twitter aggressively fantasizing about being 40-year-old moms who do regular activities with their fictional families is one of the most bizarre social media trends," they said.

From there, users started to put their own spin on Mallori's tweet, starting each one off with some variation of "Ladies, imagine this." From the plot of Step Brothers to some pretty depressing fates, Twitter users did what they do best and turned the American dream upside down for laughs.

Check out some of the best ones below.