It’s no secret that there are many GOP members who don’t like President Donald Trump, and it looks like George Conway, husband of presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, can be added to that list. Mr. Conway was once a candidate for the position of U.S. solicitor general in Trump's administration, and is famously known as the lawyer who worked for Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton.

Though Conway isn’t very active on Twitter—he created his account six years ago and has only tweeted and retweeted 534 times—it seems he’s become more fond of the social media platform as of late. Around 200 of his 500 or so tweets have arrived this month, and almost half of them are critical of Kellyanne’s boss.

There’s no evidence that Conway tweeted in 2015 or 2016. But six of his 31 tweets last year could be seen as a critique of Trump. Conway’s tweets from 2017 were widely discussed, particularly because he was mocking Trump's tweets on travel ban.

Afterwards, Conway backed off a little; instead of directing any of his tweets at Trump, he opted for sports and general government legal issues. But Conway’s back at it: this month alone, he’s tweeted and retweeted 200 times, and around half of those tweets have chastised Trump. Some examples include Conway quote-tweeting a thread examining the firing of Trump’s former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

While other retweets include a story where Chris Christie praised Robert Mueller’s investigation and work ethic, and another on White House staff signing non-disclosure agreements, among others.

A tweet from March 23 received a fair amount of attention, particularly because it references a job Kellyanne is reportedly being considered for.​

It’s no question that Trump deserves Conway’s critical eye, but it’s also curious what issue Conway has with Trump. Is Conway disgusted with Trump’s consistent treatment of the law, particularly because Conway is a lawyer himself? He retweeted a story about Trump’s lead lawyer resigning because “no major law firm wants to work for him.” It looks like Conway’s fed up, just like the rest of us.