Fake IDs usually attempt to look real, but I guess not all the time.

One man in the UK thought a fraudulent driver's license was an excellent opportunity to crack a joke. The Guardian reports the driver was pulled over in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire last week when he presented law enforcement with a driver's license that read "Homer Simpson." (Yes, really—I can't make this up.)

The spoof license was complete with The Simpsons character's photo, signature, and Springfield address, which was posted on Twitter by the Thames Valley Police Department.

Having a fake ID wasn't the only offense the driver faced. BBC reports the vehicle was seized by officers since it was not insured. D'oh is right!

Now airing season 29, the adult animated sitcom—who is now owned by the Walt Disney Company— recently faced criticism over Indian-American representation in a documentary by comedian Hari Kondabolu, in which Hank Azaria—the voice behind the convenience store owner, Apu—finally responded to.