This is probably not going to end well.

The Associated Press reports a Brooklyn bar, Kick Axe Throwing, is allowing customers to drink and throw axes. (Because what we really need are drunk people wielding axes.) But one of the bar's "axeperts" argues that the alcohol often gives people liquid courage to throw the axes better.

“People are like, ‘Sharp objects and beer? What a great idea that is.’ But truthfully, after you have a couple drinks you start to actually throw a little bit better,” said Kick Axe's Alexander Stine to AP. "It’s about believing in your ability to do something you didn’t think you could do before."

Most bars allow patrons to play darts, but Kick Axe Throwing is kicking it up a notch. Although, as AP notes, there are similarities between the two as "players aim at a wooden board painted with a bull's-eye and rings corresponding to different point values."

As for the bar itself, there won't be any hard liquor served. Instead, patrons will be able to drink wine and beer in lodge-themed bar that's decorated with flannel chairs and calfskin carpeting, according to AP. Patrons will also be able to wind down from all the axe throwing by playing board games (including "Candy Land").

While Kick Axe Throwing is the first of its kind in New York City, it joins several creative spots in NYC including comic book–themed bars, an arcade/bar combination, and a Doctor Who–based bar.

As for Kick Axe, it's like the old adage says: it's all fun-and-games until someone gets hurt.