A man went on a drunken stabbing spree in Paris on Tuesday night. The suspect stabbed six people before police tracked him down. The bizarre incident happened in what's described as a not-so-great part of the 18th arrondissement, in the north part of the city. Mon Dieu...

Jokes aside, the attack is no laughing matter. Given the city’s more recent history with terror attacks, violent incidents such as this one tend to rouse concern. Mind you, police have not yet determined if the stabbing was terror-related. Five of the victims were taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening cuts. The sixth person is said to have evaded any injury, having been protected by heavy winter clothes.

Parisian authorities used surveillance cameras to track down the suspect, who had fled on foot. He was seen hiding out in the entrance of a building in the 10th arrondissement. Police caught him red-handed, literally. The man’s clothes were reportedly covered in blood and he was obviously drunk. Police also found the knife the man is believed to have used nearby. He was held in police custody and is due for interrogation on Wednesday.

The stabbing could be part of an alarming pattern in the City of Love. Last month, French police cautioned that violent incidents such as this had been increasing ever since a teenager was stabbed to death in a fight. Paris does have something of a gang culture, with roughly 40 violent gangs armed with knives and baseball bats. Some members are as young as 13.