An aging white Republican who more closely resembles some sort of mold-covered swamp creature is making headlines for saying some preposterously racist shit.

Kansas State Rep. Steve Alford idiotically told attendees of a public meeting over the weekend that marijuana, the legalization of which he is ignorantly against, was an "entryway" into actual drug use. Alford followed that slice of spoiled Republican ham with this garbage:

"What you really need to do is go back in the '30s and where they outlawed all types of drugs in Kansas and across the United States. What was the reason why they did that? One of the reasons why—and I hate to say it—it's the African Americans. They were basically users and they basically responded the worst to all those drugs. It's because their character makeup, their genetics and that."

If you want to see video of Alford being a racist, you're in luck:

As expected, Alford managed to crawl out of the giant mayonnaise jar he calls home long enough to issue a shitty semi-apology Monday. "As an aside, I also remarked that one of the original reasons behind the criminalization of the drug in the 1930s was its negative effects on society and more specifically the damaging consequences on the African American community," the 75-year-old white man said, according to CBS News. "I was wrong, I regret my comments, and I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I have hurt."

Fittingly, Darrell Pope—the president of the NAACP's Hutchinson chapter—issued his own statement calling Alford an "idiot."