Today in a very special edition of Fuck Republicans Always and Forever Until the End of Time, we must take a detour through *swallows vomit* South Dakota.

Rep. Lynne DiSanto, a human from Box Elder who apparently convinced people to actually vote for her, got exactly the response a more reasonable person would have predicted when she shared a meme on Facebook calling for violence against protesters. The meme, which follows the usual idiotic Facebook formula of abysmal font choice and Jeff Foxworthy-esque wording, also mocked Black Lives Matter activists with the caption All Lives Splatter. "I think this is a movement we can all support," DiSanto wrote when sharing the meme, according to USA Today.

an idiot shared this
Image via USA Today/Facebook/Some Dumbass

Just so we're clear, this means DiSanto publicly advocated for the exact same kind of violence that just last month took the life of a protester in Charlottesville, Virginia.

As a result of openly promoting violence against protesters, DiSanto lost her connections with Keller Williams Realty of Black Hills (where she previously served as associate realtor) and was fired from a forthcoming speaking engagement. That speaking engagement, ironically, was for an upcoming Working Against Violence, Inc. event. The post was deleted Tuesday.

DiSanto kinda sorta—but not really—apologized in an interview with the Rapid City Journal. "I am sorry if people took offense to it and perceived my message in any way insinuating support or condoning people being hit by cars," DiSanto, temporarily forgetting that she shared a message that literally called for people to be hit by cars, said. "I perceived it differently. I perceived it as encouraging people to stay out of the street."

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