The citizens and visitors of Hawaii are still recovering from the unexpected shock of yesterday's false missile alarm. But, unsurprisingly so, they still haven't received any words of assurance from the country's president. Donald Trump has remained silent on the crisis yet somehow found the time to tweet about his favorite topic: "Fake News."

"So much Fake News is being reported. They don’t even try to get it right, or correct it when they are wrong. They promote the Fake Book of a mentally deranged author, who knowingly writes false information," he tweeted Saturday. "The Mainstream Media is crazed that WE won the election!" Trump directed his attack towards Michael Wolff and his book Fire and Fury.

The subject of DACA also came up in the social media mix, with Trump tweeting: "DACA is probably dead because the Democrats don’t really want it, they just want to talk and take desperately needed money away from our Military."

Along with failing to give a statement regarding the false alarm, Trump was also called out for playing at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla in the middle of the panic. The false alert sent at 1:09 p.m. EST, and his motorcade didn’t leave the club for Mar-a-Lago until 1:38 p.m., HuffPost reports.

"Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill," the push alert read on Saturday. Ten minutes later, The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted that it was a false alarm. It took an additional (and undoubtedly painstaking) 28 minutes before the emergency management team sent out a follow-up push alert to correct the mistake, according to The Associated Press. 

Hawaii Governor David Ige later told CNN that an employee "pushed the wrong button" during a "procedure that occurs at the change of shift." The unnamed employee has been reassigned to another post as the investigation continues, according to CBS