A couple in Arizona recently led local law enforcement on a high-speed chase through the Mesa desert that ended in a bizarrely romantic scene. The couple, 35-year-old Dustin Perkins, and 29-year-old Lovida Flores, were allegedly on their way to "return" the stolen vehicle they had been driving to Perkins' father, but after refusing to pull over to police, the chase was on.

For 30 minutes, Perkins lead police on an insanely dangerous chase, running red lights and going the wrong way down crowded streets until they thought they had found an escape, says Vice. Perkins reportedly drove straight through a fence and into more rugged terrain. By then, a line of cop cars and even a chopper had joined, and the thrill-seeking lovebirds sensed that the gig was up. They bailed out of the car, taking off in two different directions (can you imagine the passion and intensity of the conversation from that last-minute decision?!) trying one last ditch effort to escape on foot.

When reality set in, Perkins waved back over his literal partner in crime and the two embraced melodramatically and started smooching. Adrenaline high, endorphins flowing, the couple continued to swap spit as the cops closed in on them to take them into custody. According to Arizona Central Police, the couple are facing charges of "unlawful flight, reckless driving, and vehicle theft." Reckless driving is really nothing to mess with...but damn if this isn't one of the spiciest crimes we've seen in a while.