Guess I’m writing about idiot YouTubers today. This time, it’s the 22-year-old twat that cemented his own damned head inside of a microwave. The spectacularly stupid incident is kind of a metaphor for what YouTube typically does to your brain, but I digress.

Before I get into detail, please DO NOT try this at home. I really don’t want to write about you later.

It happened across the pond, in England, when the Wolverhampton resident had his buddies help him cement his head into a microwave, leaving firefighters “seriously unimpressed.” The idiot in question was later identified by the media as none other than YouTube prankster Jay Swingler, aka TGFbro. (Of course his handle has “bro” in it. I can’t.)

Apparently, he and his buddies were trying to make a cement mold of Jay’s features. The prankster’s plan started with covering his face with a plastic bag (always a good place to start something that will most definitely go wrong), while his friends fed an air tube into the contraption so he could breathe. After 90 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to free their friend, Jay’s bros called for help.

The Internet has reacted as one might expect:

So much well deserved shade.

“As funny as this sounds"—(um, no it doesn’t)—“this young man could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured,” warned Shaun Dakin from the Midlands Fire Service. “All of the group involved were very apologetic."