While most people know ComplexCon as a mecca of streetwear and hip-hop, it is also a center of innovation, technology, and education. Leading the charge for education is the brand XQ, which graced the convention center with their Super School Project bus installation for the second year in a row.

Helmed by Complex founder Marc Ecko and former head of the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights Russlynn Ali, XQ wants to reform the education system to give everyone an equal chance at pursuing their dreams, regardless of race or socioeconomic standing.

“It’s the civil rights issue of our generation,” Ali told Complex New’s Natasha Martinez. Ecko maintained that it is going to take a major cultural shift in order to usher in the type of change that is needed in order to better the education system. In an effort to entice children to want to pursue their education with more passion, XQ has been partnering with some of the most exciting pioneers furthering the culture, such as Pharrell Williams, Virgil Abloh, and Pusha T, who all stopped by the booth to show love. Watch the full discussion above. 

While some might think that ComplexCon doesn’t really seem like the place for a discussion on education, Ecko begs to differ. “ComplexCon is a school,” Ecko tells Martinez, “these are kids that are learning about business and marketing and product design.”

Learn more about XQ here or to watch the full interview with Ecko, Ali, and Pusha T, watch the video above.