Though it's hard to believe, there was a time in American history during which the White House was occupied by an actual president and not a failed steak salesman with a penchant for spooning neo-Nazis. President Barack Obama, who remarkably became POTUS in 2008 despite not starring on a reality show, is back in headlines this week for a genuine act of anniversary-inspired affection. Obama's successor, meanwhile, has been busy tossing rolls of paper towels at hurricane victims like a deranged T-shirt cannon operator.

Barack surprised Michelle Obama during her appearance at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women Tuesday with a two-minute video marking their 25th anniversary. "Hey honey," Barack, at around the 54:15 mark in the video above, said in the clip after a brief intro from Shonda Rhimes. "Listen, I know you are with all these important Pennsylvania​ women and you're sharing the stage with our buddy Shonda Rhimes, but I had to crash this party because today we have been married for 25 years. Now, the idea that you would put up with me for a quarter of a century is a remarkable testament to what a saintly, wonderful, patient person you are."

Barack continued, recounting all the qualities in Michelle he feels are just as cherished by the American public as they are by him. "Not only have you been an extraordinary partner, not only have you been a great friend, somebody who could always make me laugh, somebody who would always make sure that I was following what I thought was right, but you have also been an example to our daughters and to the entire country," he said. "Your strength, your grace, your determination, your honesty, the fact that you look so good doing all this. The way in which you've always taken responsibility for your own actions, but also looking out for the people around you, is remarkable. And it's no wonder that as people got to know you the way that I got to know you, they fall in love. It is truly the best decision that I ever made to be persistent enough asking you out for a date that you finally gave in. And I hope that you feel the same way."

The sold-out Pennsylvania Conference for Women also included some encouraging words from Michelle on the importance of raising strong, independent women in future generations. "I am constantly telling young women to speak up and talk," she said. "Don't waste your seat at the table, and if you are scared to use your voice, get up and let someone else in who is going to use it."

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