Did you know there were Cowboys in Compton? Chances are, probably not.

Guinness' Made of More series champions real-life people who have shown unexpected character, and in doing so have enriched the world around them.

For the latest part in the series, Guinness introduces 'The Compton Cowboys'. This extraordinary group of men from Compton has taken a different path than that of the gang life that dominates the environment that they grew up in, instead channeling their energy into their passion for horses.

 The main protagonist, Keenan Abercrombie, and those alongside him have rescued horses from auction houses, nursing and caring them back to life. The Cowboys find a sense of purpose and confidence in their passion that not only enriches their own lives, but also those of their community.  

Guinness wants to champion people who make bold choices and choose to act with character and integrity, with the Made of More series at its core being about the value of putting more into life.

For more information, you can watch the video and the rest of the series via Guinness' YouTube and their website.

All Images via Guiness