Nobody wants their deepest, dirtiest secrets to be shared with all their friends and family—social media hasn't become that personal yet. But that familiar fear was the inspiration for the latest April Fool's Day prank from the jokesters at Pornhub, who scared some of their loyal users half to death with a terrifying trick.

Users who pulled up a video to watch on the website received a message informing them that Pornhub had activated a new, automatic video-sharing feature:

pornhub april fools
Image via Pornhub

Needless to say, this supposed "feature" didn't go over too well with people who were trying to keep their porn-watching habits anonymous:

Thankfully for all parties involved, one quick click revealed the nature of the prank and assuaged fears of accidentally sharing your porn habits with mom and dad:

pornhub april fools prank
Image via Pornhub

This isn't the first time Pornhub messed with their audience on April Fool's Day. In 2016, they turned the page into a landing spot for vegetable enthusiasts, redesigning and renaming their site "Cornhub" for the day. They're a company that gets into the spirit of April Fool's, even if this year's joke hit a lot closer to home.

It should be noted that Pornhub does have a sharing feature that allows active users to show off their favorite videos to their friends on Twitter, Reddit, and a number of other social feeds. I don't think I've ever personally known someone who openly shared their porn-watching habits with the broadest audience possible. But if you're happy to let your freak flag fly, Pornhub's latest April Fool's Day prank isn't likely to faze you one bit.