Two fast food titans collided Tuesday, when Burger King’s parent company, Restaurant Brands International, purchased Popeyes for a whopping $1.8 billion. For those of you keeping score, RBI also owns Canadian donut giant Tim Horton's. Does this mean we can expect a fired chicken, cheeseburger, donut hybrid on menus sometime soon? The gluttons in us can only hope.

It appears the move is intended to challenge our supreme grease overlords, Kentucky Fried Chicken. As of now, KFC has a mond-boggling 18,000-plus stores worldwide, compared to Popeye’s 2,600. But with the muscle of a conglomerate like RBI behind it, Colonel Sanders might want to start looking over his shoulder. And while we’re normally opposed to any kind war, if there’s a fried chicken battle about to be waged, well, we want to be on the front lines.

As for the how the internet took the news that Popeyes and Burger King have become unlikely bedfellows, reactions ranged from WTF, to nom nom nom. See below.