They should've never given some of you Facebook Live. Sandra Jametski, 48, was charged with malicious harassment in early December after posting a 10-minute video on Facebook, ranting about a woman named Dolores and her "Spanish privilege" as she tailed her SUV. "This is America. We don’t drive like that here. We don’t drive like you’re in Mexico, lady,” she said of the woman who lives less than a quarter mile away from her. 

“This is my freakin’ neighborhood. This is where I grew up. I grew up here, not them. This woman don’t deserve to belong here, she don’t belong here. She don’t [expletive] belong here,” Jametski said on the video, as she followed Dolores on her 2½-mile drive to her son’s school, Rainier Prep Academy. In addition to confronting Dolores at the school parking lot, which is caught on the video, Jametski allegedly threatened to ram Dolores' vehicle. 

At first, Dolores didn't contact police about the incident. However, when her 21-year-old daughter, Adriana, found the video on Facebook, she called the cops. “She knew our house, she knew our cars, she knew where my brother goes to school,” Adriana told the Seattle Times. “She seemed to have a personal vendetta against everyone in our family. We just felt really threatened and scared and just didn’t feel safe.”  

Malicious harassment is considered a hate crime ​under Washington state law, which protects people from being attacked over a number of reasons, including race, color, and national origin. Jametski has been in jail since December 3, and is being held on a huge $500,000 bail because of her criminal record, which includes a second-degree assault conviction and driving under the influence. 

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