This just in: Many millennials are desperate to become famous.

According to a recent report published by the social media network Clapit, more than a quarter of millennials would quit their day jobs to become a celebrity. This, of course, isn’t too surprising considering the paychecks that typically come with fame; however, what is shocking is that about one out of 12 millennials would also disown their family to become a household name. Bruh.

“There’s no doubt that social media is making fame more desirable than ever before for today’s generation,” Mary Jane Bulseco, COO and co-founder of Clapit, said in the report. “Social media platforms have democratized the talent discovery process, allowing for people of all ages and talents to share their work with the world. No longer do celebrities solely live on stages and movie screens, but they are born in their homes and are accessible to us in ours.”

The study, done in partnership with research firm YouGov, also found that one out of 10 millennials would sacrifice his/her education for fame, while one out of nine would give up marriage and one out of six would forgo having kids.

Other key findings include: About 30 percent of millennials would rather be a celebrity than a lawyer, and about 23 percent would rather be famous than a doctor. About 27 percent would move to another country for the spotlight and one in 14 would break up with his/her significant other.

It’s a very telling report on the younger generation’s obsession with celebrity, especially in an era when Instagram and YouTube personalities are making bank from the comfort of their own homes.

You can read the full study at Clapit’s website.