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Fam, there's a reason why Planet Earth II is so lit (and beloved by these internets): the footage transports us deep into the lives of these wild animals, giving us a slice of life we can't even begin to imagine jumping into. The thing is, while it's dope to see a batch of snakes try to jump an iguana, the last thing I want to do is plant myself in an area where that kind of sh*t goes down. Hence why I'm amazed whenever I see footage like a scary AF bull shark attack hit the web.

According to the Liquid Vision YouTube page, this footage is taken from "a bull shark in North QLD Australia cruising on the edge of a channel at 20m turning then rushing and attacking a spearfisherman mid dive." That sounds all well and good; very textbook-y. Now here's a glimpse of the bull shark rushing the fisherman:

Within a matter of seconds, that went from "I don't see a thing in the water" to "HOLY SH*T, THERE'S A F*CKING SHARK COMING AT ME!" Luckily, this fisherman was strapped and ready for war. With his speargun in hand, he caught that bull shark slipping.

This quick-witted fisherman gets all of the props for fighting for—and escaping with—their life still intact, but I promise you the last place you'll see me in is whatever stretch of Australian water this bull shark and it's squad are roaming in.