People will believe anything these days. A woman convinced her gullible husband that she adopted a wild coyote as a prank, and he oddly (or at least seemingly) believed her. Just goes to show you anything is possible if you're persuasive enough.  

A woman from Oregon named Kayla Eby was reportedly able to pull off the prank of a lifetime thanks to her excellent pretty basic Photoshop skills and a couple of text messages. Let us explain.

It basically started when Eby texted a funny image of a coyote. "I found this cute little dog outside ... he doesn't have tags or anything," she texted her unwitting husband. "I'm going to bring him inside. He seems cold," she continued.

Being that her husband was not at home at the time, Eby proceeded to make it appear as though the new adoptive pet, which she named Spot, was already chilling at the crib watching movies with their infant child. In another attached image that was clearly Photoshopped, it showed their son sitting on the couch with the wild animal. 


And let's just say that Eby's husband didn't take the news too well. In a series of texts, he blasted his wife for the crazy mistake. "How are you mistaken this for a dog? Have you even see a coyote? And it doesn't look sweet, it looks pissed. Oh my God, woman," he texted. "I am going to come home to my family eaten by a wild coyote my wife brought into the house. This is the craziest thing you've ever done. You're a freak. This is crazier than you brining [sic] home those 4 ferrets that one time. And I hated those ferrets. And who gets four at once?! Oh yeah, that's right. The same lady who lures a fucking coyote into our home." 

Eby's husband was probably relieved when he got home an  found out that his was just playing with him. Read the rest of their funny exchange below.