A Kentucky woman’s viral racist rant against Latina shoppers has gotten her banned from a mall. It is unfortunately one of many racist rants caught on video recently. Last month a Trump supporter went on a tear against a Muslim Uber driver, and last year a Florida woman accused two Brazilians of being “terrorists” in a hate-filled viral rant.

Jefferson Mall, located in Louisville, Kentucky, posted on its Facebook page Tuesday that after seeing the video, it would permanently ban the racist woman once she was identified. Video of the rant has gotten over one million views on YouTube and has been posted elsewhere.

According to an Instagram post of the video, a Latina shopper was almost done having her items rung up at the cash register when a friend brought some items to be added to the purchase. Thus began the racist woman’s rant.

After proudly saying she’s not afraid to speak up about this societal injustice, the woman says “Go back to wherever the f*** you come from, lady." The cashier asked the woman to watch her language, to which she responded: “Tell them to go back where they belong.” She added, “They come here to live then act like everybody else.”

Still hurt, the woman continued: "Just because you come from another country, that don't make you nobody. You're nobody, as far as I'm concerned. Probably on welfare. The taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff." And after hearing one of the Latina shoppers say something, the woman said, “Speak English. You’re in America. If you don’t know it, learn it.” The woman had the audacity to end her rant with, “I’m sorry that I’m that way but y’all need to realize you’re not the only ones around here.”  

In a statement, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer called the “dehumanizing” video “disappointing.”

"I am sad and disappointed to see conduct like this, when one person so dehumanizes another human being," Fischer told WDRB. "This is not who we are, and on behalf of our community, I apologize to the two women who were treated in such a horrible way. I hope this video prompts many discussions among families as they gather for the holidays this week—discussions about basic human values, dignity and respect. As a country of immigrants, we must understand that we only move forward through peace, acceptance and embracing those who are different from us.”