Some days, it's hard to believe that we are still seeing the sheer volume of ridiculous news stories involving racist actions across the country, but then again, this is 2016, the year where the entire bag of feces has hit all of the fans.

Our latest look takes us to Saucon Valley in Pennsylvania, where a 14-year-old white student reportedly posted a video of a 16-year-old black student eating chicken in what is said to have been a wing-eating contest. Northampton​ County District Attorney John Morganelli spoke on the video, saying it included comments like "'look at that N-word eating chicken,'" further stating that he "was outraged by it. It was repulsive. It was very insulting." Raw Story says the video also made comments to being on welfare, among other things.

The Morning Call reports that Morganelli plans on investigating the video, as he feels it goes past the term free speech, and could be described more as harassment of the student. If it's determined that the 14-year-old did commit a crime, he could get hit with time in juvenile court.

How did Morganelli catch wind of the video, you ask? Word is the black student in the video caught simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct charges. As the story goes, the video was made on Oct. 14 at a pep rally and distributed to a number of students via Snapchat. The 16-year-old in the video, provoked by the remarks, approached the 14-year-old behind the video, and it sounds like he gave him the business at a football game

Township Chief Guy Lesser said what we're all thinking, though: "If you viewed the video, you would not be surprised that the person who made the video, who made the racist remarks, was assaulted by the person he attacked."