Uber apparently wants your rides to get more social. For one, the ride-sharing company has teamed up with Snapchat for exclusive filters. On top of that, Uber thinks "people are the new places," so now you can set a person as a destination. 

When you take an Uber ride, "you’re doing more than just going somewhere—you’re often going somewhere to meet someone," Uber explained in a blog post. Because of that, the ride-sharing app now offers "a way for you to Uber directly to a person in your contacts." 

To make it happen, first you have to sync your contacts with the Uber app. Then, instead of typing a location into the "Where to?" box, you type in your friend's name. At that point, Uber sends your friend a request for their current location. Once your friend accepts, their location is selected as the destination and you're all good to go. When the ride starts, Uber will share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with your friend, so they don't have to worry about you.

Uber is now offering a way to unlock custom Snapchat filters as well, so you can keep your Snap game strong while riding Uber without switching between apps. There's a standard Uber filter, a "mystery" filter, and a filter showing your ETA, so you can let your friends know when you'll be showing up. 

How can you use those? Well, if you're already a Snapchat user, there will be a Snap card in the feed when you're an Uber ride. Click on that, select the filter you want, take a picture, and swipe right. You can even combine another Snap lens with your Uber filters if you're really into it.