In the longest Uber ride ever, a woman in Virginia took a 400-mile Uber ride that lasted almost eight hours to visit her boyfriend in Brooklyn. You might guess that taking a trip that long means the woman was pretty sprung, but the driver says otherwise. "She didn't seem excited to see her boyfriend," the driver told the New York Post. "She was kind of blasé. She looked tired."

Janis Rogers, a 64-year-old Uber driver from Newport News, Virginia, picked up a woman outside of a Ben & Jerry's in Williamsburg, Virginia shortly before noon on June 9, according to the New York Post. Rogers didn't get her passenger's name, but said the woman, who had a bag and suitcase, was "pretty," had "long brown hair," and looked "about 19 or 20" years old.

When the woman got in the car, she asked Rogers, "How far north can you take me?" Rogers replied, "Well, I'm not doing too much today, so I'll take you all the way." 

While Rogers drove her 2005 Prius north, the passenger simply "slept the entire way."

For some context here, the average Uber ride is 5.4 miles. The distance between Williamsburg, Virginia and Bedford-Stuyvesant? 397 miles. That's a long way—the longest Uber ride ever, actually. 

Rogers then turned around and headed back home, where she finally arrived around 3:45 a.m.

Perhaps surprisingly, the ride only cost $294.09. For comparison, a New York City yellow cab would cost nearly $1,200 for a similar trip; a plane ride could've cost $188; $95 for a train; and just $45 for a bus.

For Rogers, though, the trip "was an adventure," she told the New York Post. The 64-year-old had never been in downtown New York, and, before she joined Uber in May, she had never even owned a cell phone. 

Nonetheless, the "adventure" was "not lucrative" for Rogers. During the trip, she spent $32 on gas and tolls. She reportedly didn't buy any food or drinks, and didn't take a single bathroom break during the trip either. With the $32 cost, Rogers says she made $9 an hour during her 15 and a half hour round-trip.

It's unclear what happened with the couple after Rogers dropped off the woman. But if love can't survive after somebody drops almost $300 for the longest Uber ride ever, maybe true love doesn't exist after all.