Just when you’ve gotten a grip on Instagram’s new features, the app makes even more changes. In a blog post Tuesday, Instagram announced it was releasing new updates in which users could “like” comments and remove followers. In doing so, the ’gram continues to add similarities between it and Facebook (liking comments, Live stories) and Snapchat (disappearing direct messages).

Instagram will allow users to “like” individual comments with hearts.  “Liking lets you show support and encourages positivity throughout the community,” wrote chief executive Kevin Systrom in the blog post. Instagram also discussed a feature which will allow users to turn off comments altogether, which was previously mentioned in updates meant to combat offensive language, cyberbullying, and more. That update would allow users to moderate comments by enabling them to filter out specific words they chose. Another safety feature announced Tuesday includes being able to anonymously report self-harm posts.

The other new feature will allow people with private accounts to be able to remove followers without that person being notified. Before the feature, users would have to block someone in order for them to be removed as a follower.

Here’s an explainer of how the new Instagram features will work. But if you’re a hands-on learner, head to Instagram now to see the updates.