Undoubtedly, some of the greatest perks about working in an office is the happy hour Fridays, occasional free breakfast, and of course, the annual holiday party. The office party is the perfect time to unwind, binge on a bar of free drinks, and catch up with your co-workers. But it wouldn't be a successful event if things didn't get a bit out of hand. Come on, what's a party if the office secretary doesn't hit on the head executive or if two people don't end up passed out in a corner? 

Thanks to an Ask Reddit thread, which posed the question, "What is the most NSFW thing you have seen at an office gathering or party?”, a number of readers got to live vicariously through these lucky (or unlucky) people and see just how wild holiday parties can get. From belligerent bosses to seductive grinding sessions on the dance floor, check out some of the craziest holiday office stories. 

The Sexy Santa Gift
"We bought our boss Sexy Santa lingerie as a gag gift. She tried it on in front of us and proceeded to do a strip tease dance all the while screaming out how her husband was going to love this. She's 54." - searchingtheblue

The Naughty Assistant
"My assistant gave a
blowjob to one of my bosses at a bus stop while her boyfriend smoked cigars with our coworkers." - tsundoku_all

The Cheating Dancer
"GM (guy) and controller (girl) were grinding on the dance floor. GM's wife confronts them on the dance floor in front of everyone, "Is this the whore you've been f*cking?" Needle off the record moment. The controller's husband had been suspicious for a while and considered this confirmation. Both couples divorced shortly after. GM and controller are now married." - uch

The Vacuum Pooper 
"Work party. one guy took a sh*t in the toilet followed by grabbing the vacuum cleaner and sucking it all up." - stralerman

​The Filthy Wine Tasting 
Didn't witness this one but heard that this happened just a few months before I was hired. We had a wine tasting for the managers with just some cheese, minor hors d'ouvres, etc. One particular manager got completely sloshed on wine and got super flirty with another manager from a different department who was significantly younger and good looking.

At some point, this young lady put some scented lotion on her hands. Smelling this, the drunk manager came over to her and pulled his dick out and asked her to put some lotion on there too. Right in the middle of the room and tasting.

I heard he was gone instantly. He was recently found out to currently be a tour guide on a duckboat and a bad one at that." -  losttangent

The Giant Baby
"There was a coworker who arrived in a giant baby diaper with nothing else on except sneakers. And someone smeared chocolate frosting on his diaper at some point. Not super wild, but this was a dry party." - quidagebo

Santa's Little Flasher 
"Coworker and his wife show up to our black tie xmas party and she is wearing a slutty santa's helper outfit like this. Not a huge deal but then she proceeded to get hammered drunk, flashed all of us lucky enough to be at her table and then took pics of her ass and tits in the photobooth at the back of the room. I guess she didnt realize or care that we could all see on the screen what she was doing in there. The whole time the husband was just laughing and acting like it was no big deal." - dimebag42018750