What a horrible time to fly Delta.

Pretty disturbing footage has surfaced on the internet. It shows a woman being dragged off of a Delta Airlines flight stationed in Detroit on Monday after she had displayed a "huge attitude," according to reports. Officials at Detroit Metro Airport reportedly responded to the incident aboard the airplane when the woman refused to "comply with boarding and baggage check procedures" at the gate. 

Delta Flight 2083 was preparing to depart from Detroit to San Diego early Monday morning when the unidentified woman allegedly displayed aggressive behavior towards the attendants, according to NBC News. Passengers aboard the plane alleged that the woman walked past the gate agents in the terminal without showing a ticket or proper ID to board the plane, which initially prompted Delta personnel to approach her, officials confirm. 

Air officials were soon alerted to the incident. After the woman repeatedly ignored the officer's requests to leave the aircraft, security was reportedly forced to remove her themselves. In video taken on a cell phone on the plane, two officers are seen attempting to pick up the woman, who was lying still in the middle of the aisle. It's unclear why the woman was on the floor to begin with, but voices heard on camera suggest she may have been tasered. After a couple of seconds of adjusting, they begin to move her down the aisle and off the aircraft before stopping midway. One officer then proceeded to drag the woman, whose eyes appear to be rolled back, the rest of the way. 

The woman was successfully removed from the aircraft and taken into police custody, where she still remains under "pending" charges, Delta spokesperson Anthony Black confirmed to NBC. Black also stated that the flight was able to continue without any more commotion, where it reached its destination in San Diego only with a slight delay. 

Some people on Twitter are accusing Delta of using extreme and "abusive" measures to remove the woman from the aircraft.

While the security team seem to be within their right to remove the woman from the aircraft, others pointed out the fact that the same harsh treatment was not given to the man who yelled out misogynistic slurs to women and Trump supporters on another Delta Flight heading to Pennsylvania in November. 

Delta has not released any further statement concerning the incident.