A bigoted University of North Carolina Wilmington professor has been causing grief for at least one marginalized student since last year, and the University isn't doing anything to stop him. Mike Adams, a professor of criminology at UNCW has stated that transgender people are "mentally ill," and called a pro-choice and queer Muslim student "disgusting" on Facebook.

Despite this and other worrisome statements, the University has done nothing other than move to revise their "respect compact," according to the Daily Tarheel. The Daily Beast reports that the ongoing battle is between Adams and the student he targeted on Facebook, Nada Merghani. In 2015, Merghani, a black queer Muslim refugee from Sudan, was 17 years old and a freshman at UNCW, and says she had never interacted with Adams when he went after her on social media, according to the Daily Beast.

"The only thing more disgusting than a jihadist Muslim is a pro-choice Muslim," Adams wrote on his Facebook last year. The post was targeting at Merghani, who says that she was harassed by Adams and his supporters for months before she finally left UNCW in November.

In September, Adams wrote a column for the far-right website the Daily Wire, where he accused Merghani of being a "jihadist" and called her a "confused teenager," because she wanted to protest president-elect Donald Trump when he came to speak at UNCW.

In a statement about Adams' online writing about Merghani, which she told the Daily Tarheel made her fear for her own safety, UNCW chancellor Jose Sartarelli said in a statement last week, "We as an institution do not, and should not, regulate or respond to those opinions."