Donald Trump's election has spurred a variety of responses. There have been protests (and even the occasional riot), increased hate crimes from newly emboldened racists, and more. One other response has been people wearing safety pins. 

The safety pin has become a symbol meant to show the wearer's solidarity with victims of racism. It grew out of a similar practice in the U.K. that developed in the wake of Brexit. But now, one jewelry maker has decided to take this humble symbol to the next level.

Rebecca Cullen is advertising gold safety pin necklaces on her Etsy store. While they were not originally created with Trump in mind (they date to 2008), the ad copy explains that for the low price of $335, you can show that you are "[a]gainst homophobia, racism, xenophobia, sexism and ablism."

More than a few Twitter users thought it strange (and even a little distasteful) that a simple anti-racist symbol was being turned into a big money-maker.