Kicking off the second day of ComplexCon, Rock the Vote VP of marketing and creative Luis Calderin led a panel about the future of activism. Activist Michael Skolnick, rapper Lil BBroad City actress Ilana Glazer, and Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson talked about how technology has affected activism and what we can do to help others. 

During the conversation, the panelists spoke about how they define activism today. "We have different tools from what people had before," McKesson said, adding that Twitter is a powerful resource. "Twitter is like the friend who's always awake." Social media and technology, the panelists agreed, are important in spreading messages faster and to a wider audience. "We are pushing what it means to be an activist," said McKesson. 

Skolnick, who had high praises for McKesson and his work, said that the key to being an activist is "commitment to the issue." According to Skolnick, the youth, who are resisting against injustices, are vital to moving the world and society forward. 

Future of activism panel at ComplexCon

Image via Complex Original/James Bianchi

"Thank God we're at this place now where we're able to illuminate and bring visibility to what's happening to this country," added Calderin. 

At the end of the panel, Calderin asked whether or not celebrities have a responsibility to speak up about social issues—most notably Lil Wayne, who made a controversial statement about Black Lives Matter during a recent interview with Nightline. "When I saw the Lil Wayne video come out I was like, 'Can I call somebody who can call Lil Wayne?'" McKesson said.

"That Lil Wayne interview was represented someone who you thought would know about the movement but didn't. It shows you taking Black Lives Matter for granted," Glazer added.