Donald Trump doesn't have the best relationship with black voters. As he's told "my African American" and his "many, many blacks," Trump thinks that African Americans "have no education," are "living in poverty," and generally "in the worst shape ever." To put things into perspective, Trump has the enthusiastic support of former KKK leader David Duke, and yet Duke has more support among African American voters than Trump does. So it's surprising to see "Blacks for Trump" signs at his rallies. But you know what's the most surprising part? Many of the people holding the signs appear to be white.

The latest example of white people representing African American support for Trump came on Tuesday in Sanford, Florida:

But the latest example is just that—the latest example. As Chris Moody of CNN Politics has pointed out, this has become pretty common for the Trump campaign:

It happened back at a rally on Oct. 12 too:

And even earlier in the month:

Seriously, it happens a lot:

It's not just white people holding "Blacks for Trump" signs, they've held "Latinos Para Trump" signs too:

Sometimes white Trump supporters represent black voters even outside of his rallies:

As Slate points out, "It's possible that Trump has a lot of very, very light-skinned black women supporting him," or maybe all these white people are consistently grabbing the wrong signs "on accident."

At the end of the day though, it is pretty hilarious:

Make sure to vote, y'all.