David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader who is now running for a Senate position in Louisiana, is now reportedly polling better than Donald Trump among black voters. According to a recent survey from the University of New Orleans, Duke has the support of 14 percent of black voters. The Wrap reports that Trump currently maintains support from about 2.3 percent of black voters.

For Trump, the most favorable poll has come from Georgia, where he has support from 5 percent.

Believe it or not, these numbers were promising for the Trump camp. He had previously registered 0 percent support from black voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Duke has been described as "the most recognizable figure of the American radical right," but the GOP has tried to distance itself from him. 

"I believe in equal rights for all and respect for all Americans," Duke said in his announcement video. "However, what makes me different is that I also demand respect for the rights and the heritage of European Americans."

Duke is an outspoken Trump supporter.

Great Trump Speech, America First! Stop Wars! Defeat the Corrupt elites! Protect our Borders!, Fair Trade! Couldn't have said it better!

— David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) July 22, 2016

He is also an outspoken meme supporter.

Euro #Americans are heading for minority status. #BillClinton was exulting over the prospect a decade ago. #lanse pic.twitter.com/ZEgkMvdYxh

— David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) August 5, 2016

#RepublicansForHillary are the traitors to this nation and its people. #Trump #NeverForget #AmericaFirst #lasen #USA pic.twitter.com/Kvl6ZSP0tc

— David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) August 5, 2016

Trump has previously claimed he knows nothing about Duke and has tried to distance himself from endorsements by the KKK.