Teen Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Hire a Clown to Kill Her Teacher

A middle school student in Virginia was arrested after allegedly trying to hire a clown to kill her teacher.

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A middle school student in Virginia was arrested on Sunday after it was discovered that she allegedly attempted to hire a clown to kill her teacher. WAVY in Virginia reports that the teen reached out to a person whose social media image is a clown, asking if the person would murder one of her teachers at Davis Middle School in Hampton, Virginia.

The incident is now part of the ongoing clown problem that has been reported in states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, New Jersey, and Virginia. After the student reached out to the person whose profile image is a clown, local police were alerted. Police investigated the threat and later arrested the 13-year-old girl for soliciting a hire for her teacher's murder. 

WAVY reports that police detectives reached out to the teacher that the student allegedly wanted to have killed after finding out about the student's plot. WAVY also reports an "increased police presence" at Davis Middle School on Monday to ensure the safety of students and teachers. 

The teenage girl who was arrested for the threat against her teacher has been charged with threatening to kill over electronic message and was still in police custody as of Monday afternoon. The student's future at her school is in jeopardy because of the threat, Diana Gulotta, Director of Public Relations and Marketing and the FOIA Officer for Hampton Public Schools, said.

Regarding recent clown threats in Virginia, WAVY reports that police looked into the matter but did not find any evidence of clowns scaring residents. 

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