Bullying used to occur primarily in schoolyards and locker rooms. But in today’s digital world, bullying has no boundaries. With everyone always connected by social media, bullying lives (and thrives) on more platforms than ever, whether it takes the form of a mean comment or an aggressively hostile text. What’s worse is how isolating cyber-bullying can be, leaving the victim feeling alone and hopeless. 

So how can we help neutralize bullying? By being a Witness. The power to make a difference lies at your fingertips, using a specially designed Witness emoji and the hashtag #IAmAWitness. Post, Tweet, and share them together to transform from bystander to active Witness; to call out malicious bullying and show support for those in need.

To learn more about how to be a Witness, click here. Don’t stay silent. Don’t look away. Help take a stand to stop bullying once and for all.