Before he died over the summer, Max Spiers of the United Kingdom loved to talk about UFOs and conspiracy theories. But now friends and family are are beginning to wonder whether the conspiracy theorist was a victim of foul play. According to his mother and fiancée, Spiers' death was no accident.

In June, Spiers died suddenly in Poland at the age of 39. According to the Guardian, he had been in Poland to speak at a conference. While there, Spiers texted his mother, saying, "Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate." Days later, he was found dead on a couch.

Polish officials told Spiers' mother, Vanessa Bates, that her son died of natural causes, but there was no postmortem examination in Poland. His body was flown back to Kent, England where officials are carrying out a postmortem exam, according to the Guardian. But Bates claims she's still waiting for the results. The Washington Post reports that investigators are in the "very early" stages of the autopsy, and that results won't be available for at least a few months.

Bates is skeptical about the whole thing. Noting that her son was "a very fit man who was in good health," she told the Guardian, "I think Max had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead."

Spiers' fiancée​, Sarah Adams, agrees. Explaining that Spiers had been investigating a circle of black magicians, Adams told Yahoo that he was going to expose black magic and "some of the stuff that we was working on involving political leaders and celebrities." Adams said, "We were used to getting death threats or stuff like that from people but I think this time it seemed rather real. He’d been sent threats saying that him and me were going to die." Adams thinks that Spiers' death "definitely couldn't have been anything like suicide or something like that."

In addition to his other conspiracy theories, Spiers claimed to have survived a secret mind-control "super soldier" program run by the U.K. and U.S. governments.

Of course, some people are skeptical of the alleged conspiracy surrounding the conspiracy theorist's death. Nick Pope, a UFO expert in the U.K., questioned the rumors on Twitter:

We'll update as more information becomes available.