Apple announced a new line of three MacBook Pros  Thursday, the company's first new MacBooks in four years. The centerpiece of Thursday's Apple event in Cupertino, California was the new MacBook Pro with a touchpad keyboard. People seem really excited about the emoji features on the new notebook and the ten-hour battery life.

The new notebook will be available in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes and feature the Touch Bar, a touch screen row on the keyboard. CNBC reported that the Touch Bar adjusts to complement whichever app a user has open. 

Additionally, the notebooks will be equipped with a headphone jack and four USB-C ports, all of which can be used to charge to computer. The new Pro will come in two colors: silver and "space grey."

Apple also presented its new Apple TV app, which will work with Siri, and function across devices. Gamers will be excited to learn that Minecraft will also be available on the new TV app by the end of the year. Perhaps best of all though, the Apple TV app will be free.

The 13-inch Pros will cost $1,499 and $1,799, and the 15-inch will sell for $2,399. Pre-ordering is available starting today.