America's collective uncle Joe Biden made an appearance Thursday night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and took the opportunity to roast Donald Trump, whose actions Biden says "angers" him.

Before diving into the contentious world of electoral politics, though, Biden started the interview with some words of optimism, arguing via the words of a Seamus Heaney poem that the U.S. is in a stronger position than ever to lead the 21st century. "I really think that we’re at that place in American history if we just have the nerve to seize the moment," Biden said. "The American people, they never bend, they never break. They’re generous. I wish that we’d stop talking about what trouble we’re in. We’re in a better position than any country in the world in the 21st century. We really are.”

It was at that point that Fallon swooped in to ask Biden if he watched Monday's presidential debate, as well as his take is on the election. Biden made the sign of the cross before noting that he's "never seen anything like it" and "never seen someone who knew as few facts [as Trump]."

Biden dished out more strong hits against Donald Trump, who he called "callous."

"What amazes me about Donald Trump is—and he's probably a decent guy—is his lack of sensibilities," Biden said. "I mean, the way he talks about, oh, you know, 'I was rooting for the housing market to fail, because that's business.' That's not business. That's callous. Or that 'I paid no taxes and that makes me smart.' What, does that make the rest of us suckers? No, I mean it. Really think about it. Can you think of any president that you've read about, studied or knew who would say anything like that? Name me one. It angers me, quite frankly."

Fallon lightened the mood by making a crack that he "didn't know you could choose to not pay taxes." He added that he didn't understand why Willie Nelson was "getting busted" when Trump wasn't.