At a rally in Asheville, N.C. on Monday, a Donald Trump supporter hit three different protesters, including a woman, who were being escorted out of the arena by security. Unlike the protesters, the man was allowed to stay, despite the fact that he had to reach around the security guard in order to hit the protesters

The beef began when a group of protesters started shouting in the middle of Trump's rally. In a video posted by ABC News, a man, whose identity is unknown, can be seen grabbing a male protester's neck and torso near the back of the arena. As a man in a suit, presumably security, walked up the stairs, the perpetrator can be seen hitting the protester again before the security guard stepped between them. A scuffle then ensues between multiple individuals. The perpetrator seems to be left alone, and was reportedly allowed to remain at the rally with no consequences. 

After that, according to CNN, when a woman in a hijab sat down as the protesters were leaving, the man motioned for her to leave and yelled, "Get out!" 

Perhaps the wildest part is how chill the security guard seems about the whole thing. But, then again, violence at Trump rallies is commonplace. In fact, Trump gone so far as to encourage violence against protesters.

Earlier at the rally, Trump slammed Clinton's "very horrible statements that she made three days ago." He said of his supporters, "These are not deplorable people. That I could tell you."