Just how water resistant are Apple's new series of iPhones and watches? That's the question on everyone's lips after the company released a series of hugely cinematic and HBO-worthy ad clips promoting the Apple Watch series 2 and iPhone 7. In the videos, which show vignettes of athletes training in the gym and on rough terrain, the watch and phone go through a series of physical challenges—but they appear to survive sweat, ocean water, sandy dunes, and lawn sprinklers. 

A closer look at Apple's website indicates the phone and watch might be more fragile than the commercials demonstrate. It warns users that none of the products should be fully submerged in water, and can't handle pressure from higher-velocity water sports like skiing or tubing. Essentially, users shouldn't subject the devices to more water than what it would get from a light rain shower or exercising—or, like Apple shows in one of the ads above, from a mist of sprinkler water. 

Reviewers have noted that the water-resistant design could make it more difficult to repair iPhones should a part of the device malfunction, as the copious amount of sealant used makes disassembling the phone more challenging.

Keep in mind, too, that water resistance isn't permanent, and the devices' ability to repel water "may diminish over time," per Apple's website.

Most importantly, know that liquid damage isn't covered under Apple's warranty, which means that you probably shouldn't pull a move from the biker featured in the third new promo for the iPhone 7 (above) and subject the phone to a raging thunderstorm.

An Apple spokesperson did not immediately return Complex's request for comment.

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