The Movement for Black Lives, "a collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people from across the country," released a platform on Monday morning consisting of six demands in addition to key solutions all related to the work of the Black Lives Matter civil rights movement.

According The Movement for Black Lives website, a group of over 2,000 activists met in Cleveland a year ago to "reflect on the state of our movement for liberation and celebrate our people, both those who have fallen and those who have survived. It was there that we began the process of uniting to articulate a shared vision of the world we want to live in." The Movement also describes itself as "[A] collective that centers and is rooted in Black communities, but we recognize we have a shared struggle with all oppressed people; collective liberation will be a product of all of our work."

The demands of the platform are: an end to the war on black people, reparations, invest-divest (focusing on investing in the "education, health, and safety of Black people instead of investments in the criminalizing, caging, and harming of Black people"), economic justice, community control, and political power. Each demand is accompanied by a thorough explanation of what is required to rectify long-standing injustices against black people, including details of the problem the demand seeks to rectify, and federal and local policy suggestions for achieving the demand. 

Thenjiwe McHarris, a member of The Movement for Black Lives' Policy Table, told Fusion that "The heart of what the movement is, is people and organizations across country coming together and becoming a united front for the purposes of co-creating a vision for black lives." Referring to the fact that the Back Lives Matter movement had previously eschewed a centralized hierarchical structure, McHarris added that Black Lives Matter is "not a leaderless movement, it’s a leaderful movement."

The Movement for Black Lives has also created a pledge related to the demands and the overall work of the Movement. The pledge, which currently has 43,237 signatures, reads:

Guided by love, we continue to stand together for justice, human dignity and our shared goal of ending all forms of state violence against Black people. We organize, occupy, demonstrate, march and chant for a new future: A future we can be proud of. We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, who fought for their freedom and ours. Like them, we want a world where our lives matter.

We want an end to the war being waged on Black people, in all its forms. Some people fear change, and that's ok. Many will attempt to halt our progress. That is not ok. Some will continue their attempts to undermine us, but we will remain undeterred.

For far too long, our unjust deaths have meant business as usual in this country. No more.

Our work remains undone until our lives are free of violence. That is the future we imagine.

Until that day comes: 
We pledge togetherness--- we will not allow ourselves to be divided. 
We pledge to allow our thinking and actions to be guided by love. 
We pledge to bring courage and power into our communities, and stop their flow out. 
We pledge not to be controlled by fear, but instead by our dreams.

Join us, and pledge to do the same: Stand with the Movement for Black Lives.

The Movement for Black Lives' Policy Table did not immediately reply to Complex's request for comment.